Neckpacker: the most relaxed way to travelling

Neckpacker™ is a unique travel jacket and vest with a patented hood system that makes resting and sleeping on-the-go easier and more comfortable than any travel pillow before.


Neckpacker™ is a unique travel jacket and vest with a patented hood system that makes resting and sleeping on-the-go easier and more comfortable than any travel pillow before.


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Neckpacker™ jackets and vests have all the usual bells and whistles you want in your travel wearables, including specifically tailored pockets for your tickets, passport, iPad, etc.

Groundbreaking sleeping comfort

Most importantly though, we’ve incorporated something completely new and unique: a patented hood system with a buitl-in inflatable pillow.

We grabbed strangers off the street on Hollywood Blvd, LA, and asked them to try Neckpacker. Check out their reactions!

Patented technology

Our patented hood system cradles your neck when you’re on-the-go. Whether you’re just resting or full-on sleeping upright, you’ll stay comfy and relaxed. Neckpacker is far more comfortable for sleeping, than any other previous travel-pillow or neck support system before.

Created by real travel-aficionados

We developed the Neckpacker hood system for ourselves and for our fellow tourists. We all travel often. We all wanted our travel items within easy reach plus we all wanted to be able to relax, rest, and sleep upright comfortably on planes, trains, cars whenever we were ready.

This photo shows the Neckpacker hood with its outer cover unfastened, demonstrating the inner components and structure.

Supreme comfort

According to studies, the patented Neckpacker pillow + its support-strap system is a huge leap compared with traditional travel pillows. It fully eliminates stress on the cervical spine and relieves tensions of the shoulder- and neck-area muscles. It is so efficient in supporting and relaxing the cervical area, that it has been successfully tested also for neck-area rehabilitation for strapped neck muscles.



Neckpacker™ jackets and vests were developed by travelers for travelers, so you can sleep comfortably while sitting upright on a plane, a train, a bus, on in a car, or at an airport, or whenever you just want to grab a quiet moment of total relaxation.


Design & quality

Many of the best Scandinavian fashion and sportswear designers have contributed their ideas and vision to the design of our Neckpacker garments.

Neckpacker™ jackets and vests are unisex with a dash of sports styling that is perfect for all your everyday occasions. The fabrics are comfortable, soft, lightweight and breathable. The fit is relaxed and lets you move freely and feel cosy and comfy whether you’re moving or resting.

We select all our fabrics with extreme care. They are light and durable, water repellent, yet breathable. These are the same well-tested fabrics that are used by well-known European manufacturers for their most advanced sports clothing.


Years of development

We at Neckpacker™ started our quest for relaxation perfection 5 years ago, long before the first travel jackets found their way to the market.

Neckpacker jackets and vests are the culmination of years of development and testing. We patented our innovative solution and now it’s ready for you.

Our Neckpacker integrated pillow is really easy to use. Simply raise the hood over your head as usual, then squeeze a pump that’s located in the left chest pocket. Squeeze it through the canvas, no need to open the pocket. This inflates the air-cushion located around your neck, cheeks and the back of your head. Two lateral straps on both sides of the hood stabilize your head vertically and wrap around the air-cushion system. Your head and neck will feel incredibly stable and comfortable and you’ll be ready for a great rest.

Neckpacker™ system is simple and easy to use and to maintain. Before machine washing, simply detach and remove the air-cushion and pump from your jacket or vest. Velcro® fasteners make it fast.

Tech Specs



Informing us for your size:

After the campaign is concluded, we will email you a survey where you can select your size(s) and provide us with your address, so we know what to send you and where to send it.

Both jacket and vest are unisex. To confirm the size that fits you best, take one of your own jackets that fits you well and lay it on a flat surface. Take a measuring tape and compare the dimensions with those in the size chart below.



Main material: 100% polyester

Effect material: 100% polyamide

Lining mesh: 100% polyamide

Hood lining: 92% CO, 8% EA

You have the chance to be one of the first to select and order your Neckpacker, getting it with a price that will be available only for this campaign.

Choose your product from the pledges offered, but be fast, the best Early-Birds are bound to take off fast!

“I travel a lot due to my work, mainly long intercontinental flights. Since I’m a light sleeper, falling asleep on the plane has always been an almost impossible task for me.

“I was given the opportunity to test the Nekpacker jacket with its integrated pillow system. After the first flight I was quickly and positively surprised. Even on narrow second-class seats, I slept so well!

“It is amazing how the Neckpacker hood supports my head as if my cheeks are resting on soft pillows placed on both sides of my head. All the while, my neck and head feel amazingly light and relaxed. That lateral strap support system really works.

“I’d say that from now on my Neckpacker jacket will definitely be as integral to my travels as my passport!”

Ville Koivisto, producer

Bit of History

The story told by Niklas Kuusela, inventor of the Neckpacker concept

“After the Easter holiday of 2012 my friends and I were driving back home from the Finnish Lapland where we had been snowboarding and partying for several days. The road trip was long and tiring. Although I was tired after all our activities, I just couldn’t fall asleep. My head was bouncing from one side to the other, against the car window and back to the other side. I borrowed an inflatable neck pillow from one of my friends. That was a little bit better but I was still too uncomfortable to sleep. I couldn’t completely rest my head sideways with the poor lateral support and when my head was tilting forward, the pillow offered almost no support at all. I tried turning the pillow around backwards, but then with the pressure on my throat I felt I was choking.

“In those desperate, tired hours I started to wonder if there could be more innovative way of handling the situation. I Imagined an inflatable pillow which could wrap around the front, sides, and back of my head, somewhat like a helmet. To inflate the borrowed pillow, I had to huff and puff, then keep the air in while closing the plug when blowing air from my mouth. It was just too messy and annoying. I began to imagine a pump to inflate my ideal pillow.

“After being awake some twelve hours in a car, I finally arrived home and managed to get a good long sleep. I woke up well rested but my idea of the ideal travel pillow still kept buzzing in my head.

“Eventually I sat down and started sketching my idea. I got carried away and spent almost another sleepless night, this time with great spirit and energy. The next day I called a friend who is a designer and knows about materials and production. We sat down and I showed her my concept. She immediately understood my idea and got enthusiastic about its innovation. She helped me with more technical sketches and put me in contact with people who helped me to build the first prototypes.

“Once I started testing mock-ups, I immediately realized that the air cushion system was really comfortable. It was something totally new and different but it lacked something. Although it was super comfortable, it didn’t offer enough vertical and lateral support.

“Thinking about how to create this needed support, I eventually came up with the idea of a hood-type cushion with diagonal straps on both sides. At that point I needed some way for the straps to attach to the shoulders. That’s the moment the idea of a vest with an integrated inflatable hood was born!

“Moving forward I realized that the vest could also serve as a handy garment for storing all the small items that we all usually carry with us when we travel like tickets, passport, and phone.

“Since my idea was getting more serious and complex, I asked my best friend, who had a good touch for marketing and commercial issues, if he wanted to join the team. He carefully evaluated the concept and the prototypes. He quickly agreed that I was creating something big and he eagerly jumped on board.

“We worked on more prototypes, each working better than the one before. When we felt we had the right prototype we presented it to TEKES, which is a governmental innovation fund for start-up innovations that have global market potential. The people in the TEKES office gave us the green light and they provided an investment grant that was big enough to start the patenting process, plus more testing and prototyping.

“We continued working out the details of the development, met with producers for the various parts, and had 1:1 drawings and prototypes made of all of the elements.

“We started testing our product with various people including a good mix of genders, ages, body types, and nationalities. Our testers’ general reaction was ‘WOW! This is amazing!’

“People were astonished at how the Neckpacker system’s head support was effective without tensing a single muscle. ‘Feels like my head is floating in the clouds,’ said one. ‘I feel like sitting down and falling asleep straight away,’ said another. Those were typical comments from our testers and those moments kept us working even harder and believing more and more in the future commercial success of our product.

“We talked with business advisors and investors, always listening carefully to their advice on how we should proceed to establish and commercialize our product. Again and again we were advised to consider crowdfunding as a tool for introducing and establishing our product on the international stage.

“At the same time we expanded our team with people who had experience that we lacked at that point. As we progressed and our patent was granted we decided that crowdfunding would be the best way to get the necessary boost that our start-up needed AND to launch our product in the best possible way.

“That’s pretty much our story. From a hazy idea born of a tired mind in the backseat of a car in the darkness of a snowy winter night to a patented travel jacket and vest. We are now ready for production and to hit the market with the results of our innovations. We’ve come a pretty long way!”

Mikko & Niklas, the inventors.

More infos here: Neckpacker

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