Venturi – World’s First Always Adjusted Belt

Venturi – World’s First Always Adjusted Belt
The Fastest on and off belt. Adjustable but Always adjusted. Casual but Classy. THE BELT ADJUSTED
Venturi Belt is the fastest on and off belt out there. It’s adjusted but always adjustable. It’s great for casual occasions but is classy enough for any situation. No belt holes, no awkward flaps hanging out, and low profile.


When we designed the Venturi belt with you in mind, not a single corner was cut. “Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.” -Steve Jobs

Every Venturi Belt comes with at least 5 inches of adjustability. You can adjust it bigger one day or smaller the next. The best thing about the Venturi Belt is: It can stay adjusted, but it’s always adjustable.

We at Venturi Belt Co. have designed the perfect belt. Adjustable but always adjusted so it is ready to go every time. Casual but classy for every occasion, with no flap hanging out and no holes to slow you down.  Made from the best materials available like military grade webbing that’s wrapped in abrasion resistant ballistic nylon and a low-profile aircraft grade aluminum buckle.

Your Venturi Belt will be available in four different colors, black, gray, brown, and the BACKERS CHOICE Belt color which has been voted on. The winner is Canvas “Desert Sand”.

We received numerous messages requesting a black on black buckle. You asked and we listened, we’re calling it our MIDNIGHT BUCKLE! That now makes 20 COLOR COMBINATIONS!

We’ve had a lot of great feedback on our video and how our page is coming along. We mentioned in our video that we are the little guy. We aren’t like some of those projects that spent thousands of dollars on hiring a videographer and graphic designer. We aren’t professionals, but we’re determined and resourceful. There is a lot of trial and error, and a lot of fun along the way. If you like seeing behind the scenes let us know in the comments and we’ll add some more!


Buckles are in, just waiting on belts to arrive before we start shipping. Till then, Nala the guard dog will watch over everyone’s buckles.

More info here: Venturi Belt

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