Moka360 the smallest 360 degree camera

 Moka360 is the smallest 360 degree camera and provides 2K 360 video with amazing image quality. You can easily film 360 video and live streaming with just a single button. Now you can relive every moment from every angle in a full immersive experience. Moka360 is compatible with your Android and Apple smartphone.








Frequently Asked Questions


The price is very low for a 360 camera compared with other brand such as Nikon or Samsung. Why is that?

Our dream is to make the innovation cameras accessible to everyone. We have worked long and hard to create cameras that are not only affordable, but also made of quality components. To help us bring Moka360 to reality, you can get an exclusive 50% discount off MSRP.


Will there be an Android App?

Yes, there is an Android and iOS APP. The APPs are ready for operation and will be released before the shipping.


How do you know how much power is left in the batteries?

You can see the battery status on the screen, or in the App.


How do you know how much memory is remaining? 

You can see the remaining storage status on the screen, or in the App.


Does Moka360 come with a memory card?

No, we are not including a memory card with your order.


Will a charging cable come with Moka360?

Yes, each package will include a Micro USB for charging.


What are the ratings for the waterproof case?

135 feet/40 meters with waterproof case, could work with or without the back battery.


How many hours will Moka360 last if only used for taking pictures?

There are many factors and conditions to calculate this, but generally the battery life should last you for more than 1 day.


Can Moka360 connect to a microphone through a 3.5mm mic adapter?

Moka360 does not have a 3.5mm port because we are trying to keep the camera as small as possible.


Can Moka360 handle extreme temperatures?

Yes, Moka360 has been tested to work at -20C degrees.


Is Moka360 compatible with a standard tripod?

Yes, the base of Moka360 includes a standard 1/4 inch screw slot.


How long will it take to completely charge the internal camera battery?

This depends on the type of charger you are using, but generally it will take 2 hours.


What is the Battery Life (estimated time) of Moka360?

Video recording is estimated at 1h 30m.


What is the WIFI range?

WIFI range is about 10m – 20m.


Is the focus automatic? Or is that done also through the screen?

Focus is automatic.


Moka360 can charge on 100-220 volts right?

The Moka360 should not be charged on 100-220 volt, it should be charged by a Micro-USB cable, which means it depends on the USB adapter in your region.


Is it possible to use a Bluetooth remote?

Moka360 provides remote control via 2.4G, which is more stable than Bluetooth.


Can Mokacam be controlled by Mokacam4K’s remote controller?

Moka360 can only be controlled with the wireless Moka360 remote control

More info here: Moka360

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