Vimble S – Never Capture A Shaky Video Again

Vimble S – Never Capture A Shaky Video Again
A premium, easy to use and affordable phone stabilizer that makes everyone a professional filmmaker.

Vimble S is the gimbal for your mobile phone. It is an intelligent monopod that keeps your phone stable no matter how much you move your hands, even when you are walking or on a skateboard. No longer do you need fancy, expensive equipment to create seamless videos and photos; professional, quality content is at your fingertips with just your smartphone and a Vimble S. With our dedication, we spared no effort to ensure a user-friendly and ergonomic experience.

Moreover, to ensure the product quality and supply, we’ve partnered with Feiyu Tech, a leading gimbal manufacturer, to produce a user-friendly, ergonomic experience.

We want to keep the best of our memory by recording, documenting and taking photos. Your child’s first piano performance, first family gathering, wedding and many and many adventures that you want to tell the world.

There are 32 million hours of video uploaded to Youtube every year. There are 880 billion photos taken each year. That’s why we want to create a device that will help us all create the best videos and record our awesome moments seamlessly.


Quick setup – Slip in your phone, get the Vimble S started and begin to record. Never lose memorable moments.

Superior stabilization – Vimble S’s 3-axis stabilization system fully integrates itself with the smartphone to cancel out movement in 3 directions, keeping the smartphone still even when your hands shake.

Integrated control panel – Utilizing an intelligent design, Vimble S’s control panel requires only one hand to effortlessly operate the gimbal and change the camera’s settings.

Quality manufacturing – We spent great effort in the key areas of production and monitor the every single process ourselves to ensure the seamless quality.

Flexible orientation – Vimble S allows you to easily maneuver your phone in a standard, portrait, underslung or flash light orientation.

UX-focused engineering  



Our very own ViCam App, available for iOS and Android, enables Bluetooth connectivity (BLE) between your smartphone and the gimbal. Within our app, we’ve developed the following special features to optimize your Vimble S experience:

Time-lapse – Create a beautiful montage of passing time in video or photo form with a few simple clicks.

Face tracking tool – The Vimble S will recognize and follow the movement of a face (perfect for vlogging!) even as it moves out of the camera’s range. Works both when the unit is freestanding or handheld.

180° Panorama – The panorama mode in our ViCam app effortlessly commands your Vimble S to stably rotate itself a full 180 degrees and capture your surroundings in a perfect panoramic shot.

Selfie – using front or rotated back camera and burst mode.

Low light mode – Vimble S’s Night Mode allows you take crisp, noise-free nighttime photography with continuous 0.5 second exposure shooting.

Other features 

Family and friends’ personal paparazzi – you enjoy looking back on every holiday, celebration, birthday and the people that made it special.

The outdoor enthusiast – you love to capture the picturesque scenery from your latest adventure.

The aspiring director – record your crazy adventures simply with Vimble S and create amazing artworks.

The passionate vlogger – you want to share with your fans the latest updates of your life and live stream the moments.

In Aug 2014, Rian came up with an idea of inventing a smartphone stabilizer. Not only did he want to make it easy to use but also affordable for everyone. Rian started working on designs and making prototypes as a hobby, and when he saw the results, he wanted to share it with all photographers and videographers.

Aug 2015, first industrial design

Jan 2016, CES in Las Vegas, first US exhibition

Jun 2016, Vimble X came into reality



Team experience: Our team has a range of experience from mechanical computing and electronic engineering to business education. At the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, we realized we shared the same passion to create a product that will help people capture pictures and videos in an easy way, and at a low price.

More info here: Vimbles

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