Cashew Smart Wallet

World’s first SMART WALLET with Fingerprint access and Smartphone connectivity

After being successfully funded on Kickstarter, Cashew is now opening it’s Pre-Orders for people who’ve missed out before! Check our new and improved version of Smart Wallet that we’ve co-created with our backer community. The momentum from Indiegogo will help us get our overall production cost down.

Evolution, of course, is not something that simply applies to life on Earth. It applies to the whole Universe! Then why do we still use our bulky traditional wallets that we have been using for centuries? Why are our Wallets still vulnerable to theft and why can our Wallets be just simply opened by anyone?

Imagine a wonderland, where you have Wallets that only YOU have access to. And a Wallet, that NEVER leaves your side.

Cashew is World’s first Wallet, designed in California, with a fingerprint reader to ensure only you have access to your wallet and is always connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth to ensure your wallet is always by your side. No more misplaced cards, cash or IDs again. This product with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled design is a Smart Wallet you’ve been searching for.


No other wallet in the market has been able to combine three features – Biometric Finger Authentication, Bluetooth Connectivity and Crowdsource GPS. All Smart Wallets out there in the market are like traditional wallets – you can open them even if its not yours. They don’t prevent the first and foremost important part of securing the wallet, which is ACCESS. We restrict the access to only you and your loved ones. Cashew not only reminds and protects you from loss of your Wallet but also protects you from Identity Theft!



  • Fingerprint authentication: Have exclusive access to your Wallet and never be worried about any missing cash or cards from your Wallet. Store upto 20 fingerprints and share your wallet with your family too.
  • Integrated Bluetooth: The Wallet connects to your smart phone using Bluetooth and your phone alerts you every time you forget your wallet behind. Also, don’t remember the last location of your wallet? The free mobile app records its location. Peace of mind is a choice you make!

  • Crowd Source GPS technology: Incase of loss or theft of your Cashew, mark your Wallet as lost on the app. This puts all our Cashew users on a lookout for your Wallet. Once your wallet is found, you will securely receive a notification on your wallets whereabouts!

  • Electronic latch: This locks the wallet and will only unlock on fingerprint recognition (biometric authentication) of the owner. Unauthorized users will be locked out immediately. Incase someone tries to tamper with the latch, buzzer starts beeping immediately.

  • Buzzer: Every time you can’t find your Wallet, be it under a car seat or under a pile of clothes, use the “Buzz my Cashew” feature on the app. This makes your wallet ring and just follow the sound to find your misplaced Wallet.
  • Specially Designed Interiors:  Interiors of the wallet are designed to hold 15 currency notes and 7 cards. The Cashew is not designed to hold coins but you can definitely use one of the card slots if needed.


  • RFID Protected: Cashew protects you from Electronic theft and is RFID protected






  • What material is Cashew made with?

A specially designed polycarbonate with a tolerance for bend (similar to a traditional wallet).  It is both water resistant and scratch proof.

  • How many cards can Cashew hold?

Cashew can hold upto 7 credit/debit/ID cards and 15 global currency.

  • What type of battery used in Cashew?

A rechargeable battery of 3200mAh that lasts upto 1 month is used in Cashew.

  • How many fingerprints can the fingerprint sensor store?

The fingerprint sensor stores 20 fingerprints so not only you but also your family could access your Cashew. Also, incase the fingerprint sensor doesn’t work (wet or sweaty or oily hands), you can still open the wallet using the unlock feature on your mobile phone app.

  • How do you know that the wallet’s battery is running low?

The mobile app tracks the battery life and alerts you when the battery life falls below 20%. This is to ensure you have enough heads-up to charge it up. Alternatively, the LED lights start blinking when it falls below 5%. This is your second chance to charge your Cashew.

  • Does the wallet have pocket for coins?

Cashew is not designed to hold coins, but you can use one of the card holders, if needed.

  • What happens when I turn off Bluetooth on my phone?

Without Bluetooth turned on, you can always use your Cashew as a normal wallet (The fingerprint reader will still work and prevent unauthorized access). On the flip side, if your Bluetooth is turned off, the Wallet doesn’t connect with your phone and you will not receive notifications if you are leaving your wallet behind. As a best practice we advice you keep your Bluetooth turned on, for your own safety and tracking.

  • Would I still receive notifications if I’m home and my wallet is not in Bluetooth range?

Yes you will still receive notifications. On another note, you can mark the area as “HOME” on your app and turn these notifications off (recommended only for areas you are confident). This way you can be rest assured you don’t receive these notifications if it is at your home.

  • Can anyone connect to my wallet via Bluetooth?

No, Cashew pairs with one phone ONLY. It will ignore all other bluetooth devices.If you get a new phone, you will need to setup your Cashew again with new phone (through security checks) on our app.

  • How secured is the wallet if someone tries to break open the wallet using a hammer?

Like all other security locks/latches available to us today, our Wallets too have a certain amount of tolerance before which it could break. That said, we’ve designed it keeping two things in mind: If someone tries to break open the Wallet, the buzzer automatically starts ringing to prevent any further damage AND the latch inside has an aluminium lining along the length of the wallet. This ensures that the latch is hard to break open.

  • What happens if the battery dies?

Cashew as a measure tries to ensure you don’t run out of battery in the first place (we have 2 checkpoints:The mobile app tracks the battery life and alerts you when the battery life falls below 20%. This is to ensure you have enough heads-up to charge it up. Alternatively, the LED lights start blinking when it falls below 5%. This is your second chance to charge your Cashew)

That said, just incase you do run out of juice still, Cashew cannot be operated until charged. Time to full charge is approximately 2-3 hours but you should be able to switch on your Cashew at 5% battery with full functionality (~10 mins)

More info here : Cashew Smart Wallet

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