PowerUp: The MacBook Charger That Does More

The only all-in-one charger and USB hub for new MacBook and MacBook Pro. Charge. Sync. Grab and go.

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This is the ultimate all-in-one MacBook charger you’ve been waiting for. Charge your MacBook and up to 3 other devices all in one place. Connect and sync USB devices with new USB-C MacBooks. Ditch all the other chargers and dongles and save bag space. PowerUp is the only device that does it all! Get one now for the same price as a standard Apple MacBook charger.

Versatile. Sleek. Compact. PowerUp isn’t just a MacBook charger, it’s also a USB hub and charging station for your devices.





“PowerUp” Your Life

Leave the mountain of chargers at home and charge your MacBook, phone, tablet, and other devices all in one place. PowerUp’s 60W AC power can simultaneously charge your USB-C MacBook and up to 3 USB devices.

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A Versatile Hub For All Your USB Devices

PowerUp lets you connect and sync all your USB devices with new USB-C model MacBooks. Mix and match up to three USB devices to get the most out of your MacBook: external keyboard or mouse, external hard drive, USB thumb drive, you name it. Don’t be limited by the new USB-C port; make everything compatible with PowerUp.


Faster Data Transfer

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Sync your documents, music, photos, and more faster than ever with PowerUp’s high-speed data transfer.

Charge Your Phone and Tablet 2x Faster

Unlike other USB-C hubs, PowerUp can also be used as a charging station to directly charge 3 USB devices and 1 USB-C device without going through your computer. When used as a charging station, PowerUp can even charge phones and tablets 2x faster than their standard charger!


Grab and Go

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No more carrying around tons of dongles and chargers. PowerUp is about the same size as a standard MacBook charger and makes it easier to pack up and get moving when it’s time to go. PowerUp means more bag space and less hassle!


Best Value Out There

With a pledge of $69, you can get PowerUp for the exact same price as a standard Apple MacBook USB-C charger. Why waste your money on expensive hubs or cumbersome dongles and chargers? Keep everything all in one place with PowerUp.


Why Did We Create PowerUp?

Let’s face it: these days we’re pretty bogged down by all the chargers we have to lug around with us to keep our technology juiced up and running. Then, the new generation of MacBooks introduced an entirely new port type and brought USB-C dongles into the mix! What’s more, with the new MacBook Pro’s short battery life, you always have to carry a charger around anyway. So we thought, why not create a better charger that can solve all of these problems in one?

PowerUp is our streamlined solution to these pesky everyday issues that we’re sure others are having too. PowerUp has simplified our own lives, and now we hope it can simplify yours too!



Safety Features

PowerUp was designed with maximum durability and safety in mind. That’s why we used the latest technology to protect all of your devices from overcurrent, overvoltage, and short-circuiting. In addition, PowerUp is equipped with specially designed copper cooling fins to prevent it from overheating during use.





PowerUp was created through a rigorous process of design and testing, with several different prototypes in between! Our team started with this…

And made it to THIS! After months of development, we’re proud to finally introduce PowerUp!


Tech Specs

Power Input: 1 x AC inlet

Integrated Connectors: 1 x USB-C 3.1 cable; 3 x USB-A 3.0 ports

Voltage: 72W

Data Bandwidth: 5 Gb/s

Weight: 210 grams / 7.4 oz.

Dimensions: 8.2 cm x 8.2 cm x 2.9 cm / 3.23″ x 3.23″ x 1.14″

Available Colors: White, Black



Can PowerUp be used without being plugged into a wall socket?

Yes and no. PowerUp was conceived to replace your MacBook charger, so for most functions it needs to be plugged into a wall socket just like any charger. However, when not connected to a power source, PowerUp can still be used for data transfer to your MacBook as well as pass-through charging of any device connected through its USB ports.


Is PowerUp a battery pack?

PowerUp is a new and improved MacBook charger and can charge your computer and up to three devices with traditional AC power. It does not have an independent battery of its own.


Does PowerUp work with my computer (i.e. 15″ MacBook Pro)?

PowerUp is a USB-C type charger that was designed for the latest generation MacBook (2015+) and MacBook Pro (2016+). PowerUp has been rigorously tested with these computer models, including both the 13″ and 15″ versions of MacBook Pro!


Which colors does PowerUp come in?

PowerUp is available in white and black!


Can I use PowerUp in my country or region?

Yes! PowerUp is compatible with different international voltage standards and will ship with the AC power cord that corresponds to your country or region.


How much is shipping? Can you ship to my country or region?

Your pledge includes FREE shipping! We are able to ship to most major countries and regions; please check the “Free Shipping” section of this page for details. If you don’t see your country or region listed, message us for a customized shipping quote!


More info here: PowerUp!


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