Rigiet: The Most Advanced Smartphone Stabilizer

Smooth videos, auto-track, motion time-lapse, panorama, long-exposure & more…
Meet Rigiet, the most advanced and versatile stabilizer.
It features auto-tracking, time-lapse, 3 different panorama modes,
automatically detects your position what you want to film in and more!

Are you ready to capture every moment in of your life and turn it

into smooth and steady cinematic videos with Rigiet?

With a total of seven different shooting modes, Rigiet’s got you covered in every situation.

Whether you want to film in landscape, portrait or underslung position,

Rigiet can automatically detect and adjust to the position that you want to film in.

Can you think of any other stabilizer that can do this?

We’ve spent a tremendous amount of effort to design and engineer Rigiet,

so that you can continue to shoot videos while in underslung position.

Rigiet is the only stabilizer on the market that can do this.

Another great engineering feature that Rigiet can do is to adjust the position by hand.

The gimbal will listen to you and stay in the same position.

The control panel is what makes Rigiet special.

Our easy-to-use control panel allows you to quickly switch between photo and video mode,

front and rear camera and zoom in and out!

Rigiet is truly one-of-a-kind stabilizer. It can charge your phone while you are shooting videos.

You can even simultaneously charge your phone and Rigiet with a power bank!

Can you think of another stabilizer that can do that?

Charge your phone and Rigiet at the same time!

Charge your phone and Rigiet at the same time!

Are you an action sports fan? Use Rigiet with your GoPro to capture cinematic shots like never before.

(Mount required)

GoPro footage with Rigiet stabilizer


We’ve designed Rigiet to be compatible with tripods, so you can use it with any tripod

without the need for additional accessories.

Through the Rigiet app, simply drag-and-drop any object you want to auto-track.

Rigiet will follow the object and keep it in the frame for a perfect shot.

It works for both front and rear camera, and during even during streaming!

Share your favorite moments with your friends and family through a livestream

on any social media network. Don’t worry if you’re about to run out of battery doing the stream,

Rigiet’s got you covered!

Want to capture something in slowmotion? Slow down every frame for a perfect slowmotion scene!


Create great timelapse with Rigiet. Check out the video below for an example.

Rigiet has three different panorama modes. Whether you want five,

nine or 12 photos stitched together for a great panorama photo,

Rigiet can get the job done.

12 picture-wide angle

12 picture-wide angle

After you’ve shot your great photo or video with Rigiet, it is time to share them with friends on social media.

Rigiet’s app allows you to share content directly on the following social media networks:

The Rigiet is the most versatile and advanced stabilizer on the market, compatible with many accessories.

Here’s a list of accessories that will work with Rigiet out of the box — there will be more to come!

 Rigiet Walkthrough


 Running/Stairs test


 Motion Time Lapse

The Rigiet team was formed in Connecticut in early 2015, coming from Yale and HIT.

We are all photography lovers and we thought that a smartphone stabilizer would be the best thing ever:

it would eliminate shaking from smartphone content, and create cinematic photos,

all things that had never been possible with budget of under $200.

So we decided to make our own, and that’s our Rigiet was born.

          More info here: Rigiet

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