SYLPH: First portable hair dryer with heat control

A smart hair dryer designed to protect your hair, Sylph is super light with powerful air.

Sylph is the most compact and beautiful hair dryer with a lightweight design that allows you to carry it anywhere. With super powerful air flow, Sylph helps you to fast-dry your hair effortlessly. Our smart temperature control ensures that you never overheat and damage your hair. This is the last hair dryer you’ll ever buy, join the hair dryer revolution now.

People have been doing just fine with standard hair dryers for decades. Conventional hair dryers are heavy and hard to control.The over heated air flow could really damage your hair. Due to the size, it is a real trouble to carry a big hair dyer when traveling,

Sylph is different. It is cellphone-size to put in your handbag, although it deliver a powerful wind to dry your hair effortlessly. With the intelligent heat control technology, Sylph can prevent extreme heat damage to protect your hair’s natural shine. Sylph belongs to the future of hair dryer.


Sylph can be easily hold in your hand  with only 150g weight, so you will not feel tired to use it for a longer time. Thanks to its compact body, you can carry it around all day in your handbag. With Sylph, You won’t worry about not having a hair dryer in the hotel any more.



How about Sylph’s  air flow in such a mini size? Sylph is equivalent to a 1400-watt professional hair dryer. Comparing to a traditional blow dryer, it saves time to dry your hair.



Sylph has 3 main working modes: Hot wind mode; Smart wind mode; Cold wind mode.

  • Prevent extreme heating damage with constant air temperature in Hot Wind Mode

Without temperature control, your hair can end up dried out, frizzy, or with split ends by the heat. Sylph has intelligent heat control technology to prevent extreme heating damage for the natural shine of your hair. Measuring the temperature 50 times per second, it precisely controls the compact heating element to reach extreme temperature.


  • Naturally fast-dry your hair without hair damage by automatic temperature control in Smart Wind Mode

The smart mode of Sylph can adjust temperature according to its algorithm and sensor data. Fast dry your hair in a natural way with Sylph now.

  • Ionic Sylph

Sylph is also an Ionic blow dryer, which neutralizes the hair static, leaving hair shiny and frizz-free.


  • To control wind type: Replaceable magnetic nozzles are suitable for different hairstyles.

  • To control wind speed:Infinitely variable air speed control allows you free to adjust the air flow precisely.


  • Unique Stylish Magnetic Hanger:

Maybe you have no idea where to place your hair dryer in the bathroom. Sylph must be the only hair dryer in the world to be hanging on the wall in a magnetic way.


  • Self-cleaning Mode

After a long period use of hair dryer, dust and other debris can be drawn in and affect the performance of your unit. Sylph has self-cleaning mode to blow them out from air outlet automatically.


More info here: SYLPH

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