Delux Vertical Mouse: free your wrist from pain

The vertical mouse will reduce your pain when you are griping mouse for long time during your work and E-sports. 500 Hz
and 4000 DPI will make good connection with all computers and notebooks.
And three different levels of DPI for you to choose.
All at an affordable price for your home, office, travel or PC Gaming.


Medias report

Delux vertical mouse is our first campaign on Indiegogo, its Ergonomic Wireless and natural grip will reduce your wrist

pain and provide a powerful,reliable connection to all your mobile devices.

It’s a good choice for home, office, or business travel—all at an affordable price.


This is what mouse used to be

But now, we need to get some change

updated appearance & modified dimension


Revolutionary changes of Delux family

The wrist pain bothers us all after long period of using mouse horizontally,

especially when we are doing work or playing games,

we are not allowed to brake down to get some rest for our wrist In most cases.

So our team create this vertical mouse, to make you free from the pain for constant using as long as to 5 hours.

Delux wireless mouse


Delux wired mouse


Delux Advantages

Delux mouse provides Optimize design, Fellows gel, Colorful light properties


Delux Buttons

Even though its different design, it has the same functions and buttons like the older ones,

It’s hard to change your using habits, and we’d like to keep those buttons for you. It will be prefect for you to play games.

You can feel this with something vertical, a bottle, or a rock, move it with different gestures,

and you will feel much better comfortable in vertical movement.


Delux Components

Four levels of DPI, the highest one comes to 4000, 500 Hz polling rate make Delux mouse performance well

to work with any computers.


Delux Size

People with Delux in Hongkong Electronics Fair

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More info here: Deluxe: vertical mouse

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