Plotagraph+ : I just can’t get enough!!

Today I want to talk about a really amazing app: Plotagraph+ !


At the moment, this app is available only on iPhone and iPad, and literally gives new birth to your photos. It’s catching up a huge and loud clamor on all social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now on all blogs and forums that talk about graphics and photography.

Thanks to a truly intuitive interface and essential controls, we can literally give life to our photos or drawings in minutes.


Just need to mask the object we want to avoid moving, then set the movements according to the desired effect type, anchoring the stitches to improve the animation et voilà, the game is done! In less than 5/10 minutes we can animate a painting, see clouds moving in the sky, tides and waves crashing on the beach, the wind that shakes our hair or the leaves of the trees.


The result is truly amazing: with the ease of use Plotagraph+ makes us all digital artists giving us satisfaction and amazement even to our friends! They will all be astonished and open-minded! And yes….it’s hypnotic!!

And just as my favourite group Depeche Mode sing….I just can’t get enough!!!

It’s a daily fight against your creativity! I swear, this app always inspires you to do better, to surprise even more, to bring your photos to unimaginable levels! And all of this thanks to its ease of use and the amazing results!


For a limited-time offer, Plotagraph+ is discounted at 50% Off and on sale for $4.99. Visit the app store to download Plotagraph+ now: Plotagraph+ for iPhone and iPad


Photo By: MySpace Tom



There is also a desktop version of this app (mac and Pc) – PlotagraphPro with more features – were you can join for free and start create  and share your masterpieces with other users of this “animated” community 🙂 !


You can look at my gallery for more images : Plotagraph Social

and download desktop version (mac or pc) from their website!


And remember : for a limited-time offer, Plotagraph+ is discounted at 50% Off and on sale for $4.99. Visit the app store to download Plotagraph+ now: Plotagraph+ for iPhone and iPad


About Plotagraph, Inc.:

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 21, 2017- Plotagraph, Inc. an image animation software company, is excited to announce Plotagraph+ for iPhone, available Friday July 21 on the App Store. Plotagraph+ for iPad has been available since July 13. Plotagraph+ easily allows users to animate any still photo into a seamlessly looping video or animated PNG for iMessage. The Plotagraph+ app takes full advantage of the fast processing power of all iPhones and iPads with 64Bit processers and up as well as the all-new iPad Pro. Plotagraph+ was created with Metal to unlock its full potential.

As the first image animation software of its kind, Plotagraph offers a uniquely dynamic photo animating experience. Plotagraph, Inc. Founders Troy Christopher Plota and Sascha Scheider said, “We created Plotagraph+ to help consumers animate their own photos in a fun and easy way, bringing their images and memories back to life.”

Plotagraph+ takes photos to the next level and can easily be shared to top social media platforms and to Plotagraph, Inc.’s very own social platform, Plotagraph Social (, dedicated to dynamic looping content that will auto-play and auto-loop on all devices. The Plotagraph technique is the perfect tool for businesses to bring their Facebook cover photos to life, as Facebook now accepts looping videos for cover photos. 

Plotagraph is a professional image animation software and sharing platform that is now available in a lite version for iOS with iPad and soon to launch on the iPhone. The Plotagraph technique allows users to add motion to any still image. This exciting new medium sits in-between a still image and a traditional video. The loops are created from a photo, illustration or painting that is animated using proprietary algorithms creating an endlessly looping video or APNG (Animated PNG). Plotagraph is the evolution of art and photography and pushes the envelope for the future of dynamic looping content.

This animation technique was created by Troy Christopher Plota in 2009. Plotagraph was founded by partners Troy Christopher Plota and Sascha Scheider. Plotagraph is a family-owned software company that launched their pro paid beta on 4th of July, 2016 and had their official launch in October, 2016 at the Photo Plus Expo in New York.

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