FORMcard to fix the world!

FORMcard is a handy, pocket sized card of meltable bio-plastic that can be used to fix the world!

FORMcard is a handy, pocket sized card of strong meltable bioplastic that you can use to make fix and modify the world around you. Just drop it in a cup of hot water and it’s ready to use. Keep one in your wallet, toolbox or kitchen drawer so that it’s always around when you need to use it.

FORMcards are instant. When they’re cool, they’re ready to use, so you can fix things quickly in emergency situations, like when a handle breaks on a tool, or a button falls off your jacket. FORMcard is strong like nylon, so it can be used for long lasting solutions, such as making hooks in your workshop to hold tools.

FORMcard has an infinite amount of potential uses, it is great for creating accurate moulds, repairing broken items or as an emergency fix when you need a quick solution.

You can use FORMcard to create something completely unique, like this clip for your bike torch. Leave FORMcard to cool around or against an object and it will take an accurate impression of it, great when you need a perfect fit.

FORMcard is ideal for fixing broken objects, not only does it mean that you won’t need to throw them away but you can also give old objects a new lease of life with some FORMcard adaptation. FORMcard will stick to some plastic so you can mend objects such as this broken spade.

If you need an emergency fix, FORMcard will give you an instant solution that is strong and durable. Take this emergency screwdriver for instance. The best part is that if you aren’t happy with what you’ve made or you are done using it, simply remelt FORMcard and use it again.

FORMcard comes in lots of different colours! You can choose from the following:

  • Mixed Colours (a random mix of colours)
  • Primary Colours (red, blue and yellow)
  • Monochrome (black, white and grey)

Each FORMcard is reusable and 100% non-toxic. Each pack comes with a full set of instructions.


How strong is FORMcard when it hardens?
FORMcard is as strong as nylon when formed but still has a slight flex in it so it will never crack.

How long does FORMcard take to harden?
It takes about 2-3 minutes for FORMcard to become completely cool (depending on the thickness of the material and room temperature) however you can easily reheat it in hot water to carry on moulding.

How many times can be FORMcard be reused?
In theory FORMcard is infinitely reusable however as a starch based bio-plastic it will bio-degrade if placed in soil so this should be avoided.

Are any chemicals released when FORMcard is heated?
FORMcards are made from a bio-degradable polymer and are totally non-toxic.

Can FORMcard be used in very hot climates?
We would recommend not using FORMcards in situations where things get very hot – basically close to boiled water temperatures.

Can single FORMcards be joined to create a large FORMcard?
You can fuse multiple cards together to make larger sheets, let them cool down and then heat them in a larger dish to mould them for a larger project.

Does FORMcard come with instructions?
All FORMcard packs come with a full set of instructions.

Can FORMcards be mixed to form different colours?
Yes FORMcards can be blended together to create different colours.

Will FORMcard stick to any other materials?
FORMcard sticks (almost) exclusively to some plastics and will stick to wood if squashed on when really hot. FORMcard will not stick to metal or ceramics.

More info here: Formcard

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